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What We Offer

Professional IT Support

With a comprehensive range of services, IT Cloud Consultants can guarantee your technology needs are not just met, but exceeded. We work closely with our clients to create customized plans that are seamlessly integrated, effective and sustainable for many years to come. Reach out today to see how we can help.


How We Help

Mobility is changing how we work and live: users are blending their personal and professional lives, apps and tools need to work well across different devices, and employees expect and—are expected—to work from anywhere.

Today, going mobile means having instant access to all documents, content and colleagues—as well as the tools to get any job done—anywhere, anytime.

Cloud Services

What We Can Do

As the division between personal and business lives blur, more people are working from home, from the office, and on the road—and using a growing assortment of mobile devices to do this work. This flexibility can create great business benefits by fostering happier, more productive employees.

But it can also create IT management headaches and data security risks. We can assist you provide your employees with the freedom to do business nearly anywhere they need to be—and have peace of mind from a platform that helps protect your data. Do your employees have the flexibility to do business anywhere?

Migration Experts

What You Need

Ready to migrate your hosted environment, but not sure how to start? No need to worry.

Our experienced team can help migrate your servers, databases, applications, and email among cloud, dedicated, and virtual environments.

Migrate to our public cloud or virtual servers from dedicated servers, virtual servers, and other cloud hosting providers.

  • Upgrade your operating system. For example, we'll help you move from legacy Windows Server Operating Systems.

  • Move to Office365 Email and Central Document Applications.

  • Get the best of both with our Microsoft Exchange Hybrid email offering.

Network Services

How We Help

Enabling your workforce with top-notch technologies isn’t just important, but imperative for business success. This customizable solution allows your team to work seamlessly and collaboratively in a protected space. No matter what IT services you need, IT Cloud Consultants will be there to support you every step of the way.

Cybersecurity & Privacy

What We Can Do

Our IT solutions carve the path for organizations to modernize infrastructure and optimize workflow like never before. This service provides a wide variety of technological capabilities to boost efficiencies, enhance security and allow infinite scalability for future growth. With this resource and our expertise, we’ll help maximize your organization’s productivity.

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